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Published: Might 28, 2020 6:26:33 pm

Work from home, Stay Home, But Stay Safe, Remote working, Security in Times of Remote Working, COVID-19, Coronavirus The cybercriminal is like your typical typical thief – he will go for the particular window without security locks. Remember, a lock that can be opened numerous keys is not worth buying. (Image: Pixabay)

By Venkat Krishnapur

Every night you bolt your doorway, double check the locks and secure the window clasps. You keep your own homes secure with multiple levels of physical security to avoid any kind of invaders; but what about your digital security?

A month in to the largest-ever remote working experiment, we now have set step into uncharted territory from scale. Work or play, everybody is spending more time online – which includes cybercriminals. Remote workers accessing their own corporate systems from personal, occasionally unsecure devices makes it a field day time for hackers to wriggle their own way in, uninvited. That is the bad information. The good news is that you are not powerless. Simply by adhering to a basic cybersecurity checklist, you might be guaranteed to have a safer and more effective workspace.

Change your security passwords, then change them some more

This may seem obvious but is essential security hygiene. Use complex security passwords and no, I am not referring to your own initials and DoB. Let your own passwords have some ‘strength’ – use durable passphrases that you can memorise instead of simple to guess ones like “12345”. Stay away from the same password for different purposes and alter them frequently. If a cybercriminal occurs compromise one, consider each of your own accounts at risk. If this may seem just like a challenging routine, install a password supervisor to sort it for you.

The bad guys are out phishing

The Indian crime drama ‘Jamtara’ would have had you guessing that will phishing has emerged to be the easiest, yet most successful way of entering into any unsuspecting person’s bank account. Phishing emails often look like they are from the known person or a company a person trust, telling you a story you are guaranteed to believe. The contents of the information encourage you to download or open up a file or click on a link. Deadly mistake. If you receive a suspicious information or email, delete instantly and not reply to it or open any kind of link or attachment within this.

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Keep your guard up and your VPN on

A VPN (Virtual Personal Network) is a secure link in between employees and their organizations to make sure safe access to corporate systems plus data. A VPN allows you to face mask your location, IP address and on the web activity. Through a VPN connection, all of your data will be encrypted, denying any kind of access to outsiders looking to snoop into the activities.

Don’t trust anybody, not even your router and Wi-Fi

As harmless as they may appear, these types of too can be hacked. An burglar can take up residence in a affected router and spy on you mainly because everything that you send online goes by through your router. It is also imperative in order to configure your Wi-Fi network properly, so your connection is encrypted, maintaining information safe from prying eye.

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Install security software on all endpoints

Your endpoints could be laptops, mobile phones or tablets – they are all similarly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. By installing the best security software, you can protect each devices and your data. Endpoint safety minimizes the risks and helps you defend against unseen threats. As families get together and share devices, the risks go up considerably. All it takes is for someone to simply click the bad link or download a malicious game that can unleash a number of attacks onto your systems. A comprehensive family members protection software will help manage your own kid’s screen time and shield them as they surf the internet throughout a host of devices and domains.

Awareness is your best friend 
I concur that keeping your connections plus data safe from home is not simple, but it’s not rocket technology either. Remember that as an employee, you might be the particular first line of defence against cyberattacks, but unfortunately, you are also the weakest link. Critical thinking plus vigilance on your part is the require of the hour.

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A cybercriminal is like your own typical common thief – he can go for the window without safety locks. Always remember, a lock which can be opened with many keys is not really worth buying.

Written by Venkat Krishnapur, VP of engineering plus MD, McAfee India

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