Covid: Exposure notification developed by Apple, Search engines begins rolling out in Indian

Authored by Pranav Mukul
, Aashish Aryan
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Updated: June 29, 2020 4:32:29 am

Aarogya setu, Aarogya setu coronavirus, apple google covid19 tracing, apple google coronavirus tracing, apple covid 19 tracing app, google apple bluetooth covid tracing, coronavirus tracking, coronavirus contact tracing, indian express The solution, that is an API, or an application plan interface, enables contact-tracing apps produced by governments and public health firms to function reliably. (Image: Reuters/File)

The ‘Exposure Notification’ solution developed by US technology majors Apple plus Google, and launched last month, has began rolling out on iPhone and Android devices in India. The solution, that is an API, or an application plan interface, enables contact-tracing apps produced by governments and public health firms to function reliably.

Notably, India’s contact-tracing platform Aarogya Setu is not really compatible with the ‘Exposure Notification’ solution.

Apple and Google have developed some privacy protocols, under which programmers of contact-tracing apps are required to consent to the terms and conditions set by the businesses, mainly pertaining to privacy, should the programmers wish to add the functionality to their applications. These terms and conditions empower the users in order to explicitly opt-in to use the technologies, prevent collection or use of area data from the device, etc.

Explained: What Apple-Google Covid feature does, and why it doesn’t work in India

For Aarogya Setu to be compatible with the solution, certain adjustments will be required in the app. For example, even as Exposure Notification, by style, disallows collection or use of area data from the device, the knowledge posting protocol for the Aarogya Setu application leaves room for location plus contact data in order to be collected to formulate or implement appropriate wellness responses.

“Access to the (Exposure Notification) technology will be granted only to apps from public health authorities. Their apps must meet specific criteria around privacy, security, and data use,” according to details published by Google. “All from the Exposure Notification matchings happens on the device, which means only you and your application know if you report getting Covid-19 or been exposed to someone who has reported having COVID-19. Your identity is by no means shared with other users, Apple, or Search engines,” as per the information on Google’s support page.

Therefore, even while the solution has started going survive some devices of Indian customers, exclusion of Aarogya Setu, in the current form, would mean users within India will not be able to use the Direct exposure Notification technology as of now.

Responding to a query on whether Aarogya Setu will be tweaked to meet the needs for that solution, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Electronics and Technology told The Indian Express: “For Google, no decision has been taken as of now. We will check what requirements are they asking and then decide accordingly whether we want to participate.” The solution continues to be adopted by several countries within Europe such as Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Germany, etc with many of these developing their contact-tracing apps based on the particular Exposure Notification protocols.

Once a user opts-in to use the Exposure Notification solution, the system will certainly generate a random ID for that user’s device, while ensuring these types of random IDs change every 10-20 minutes so that they can’t be used to distinguish a user or their location. The particular user’s phone and the phones within the vicinity then work in the background to change these random IDs using Wireless bluetooth without the need to have the app open with this process to take place. The phone then regularly checks all the random IDs related to positive COVID-19 cases against its very own list and if there is a match, the particular app notifies the user with guidelines from the respective public health expert.

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