seven Low-Fat, Healthy Curd (Dahi) Scoops You Can Make At Home With These Easy Dishes

The curd-based scoops are healthy and tasty.


  • Hung curd is a creamy and wealthy paste.
  • You can turn it in to healthy dips.
  • Here are some tested recipes for low-fat curd dips.

Do you keep a bowl of chips or even nachos on your bedside table constantly while binge-watching your favourite displays or even while working from home? Then you are usually officially a munchies-lover just like all of us. We don’t know about you, yet we get bored of consuming the same old chips day after day, and we really feel a dip would be great in order to dip our chips into to get a flavourful snack. Before you start wondering just how much fat can you consume in a day with the fatty foods you are already consuming, let us clarify we are actually recommending dips made of low-fat curd with no cream, cheese or other harmful ingredients.

Here are recipes associated with healthy curd-based dips that you can quickly make at home with a handful of common kitchen area ingredients. Just keep hung curd/yogurt/Greek yogurt/strained curd handy.

7 Healthful Low-Fat Curd Dips Recipes:

1. Basic Curd Dip

All you need is definitely some hung curd and taste it with salt, green chillies and black pepper. Then decoration it with coriander leaves, plus you’re done. It’s just as basic as it looks. Click here for full recipe.

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Hung curd dip goes nicely with all snacks. 

2. Mexican Dip

If you love Mexican cuisine, make this drop with yogurt, jalapenos, tabasco, capsicums and some salt, and use it instead of lotion filling for burritos, quesadillas, tacos and other Mexican meals. Click here for full recipe. 

3. European Yogurt Mezze

Assemble thick hung curd, garlic, cloves, mint powder or even crushed dried mint leaves. Combine them together by adding some water plus salt, and make an amazing healthy dip for yourself. Click here for full recipe.

4. Garlic clove Curd Dip

The 2-min dip formula requires you to just combine put up curd, minced garlic, salt plus black pepper together, and it’s all set with your munchies. Click here for full recipe. 

5. Lemon Curd Dip

This dip is a healthy substitute for sour cream. Just then add salt and black pepper in order to hung curd and drizzle several lemon juice. Mix well plus refrigerate it for some time to allow dip turn into healthy sour lotion.

6. Yogurt And Green Red onion Dip

Make your basic curd drop and add some green onions together with its chopped leaves to it. Omit adding any sugar, and you have a brand new and crunchy dip ready. Click here for full recipe.

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Curd dip with springtime onions makes for an excellent accompaniment. 

7. Italian Curd Dip

This is for those who love the flavours of lasagna and pasta. Shake some oregano and chilli flakes onto put up curd and pair it along with any snack you want.

Fried, potato chips, toasties – whatever your treat of the day is, don’t forget to make matching health curd dip to go from it.

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